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Free Spirit Consulting helps business owners and professionals to thrive in all phases of the business life cycle:  from startup, to evolving / transitioning, to sunsetting businesses. We provide deeply experienced, caring and productive consulting at every level, so you can unleash your potential and thrive.

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FSC Startup Challenges

You have a GREAT business idea.  The thought of starting your own business is alluring and exciting:  being in charge, involved in all aspects of the company's operation, able to put a personal touch on business, master of your own time, having a sense of accomplishment...  But there are nagging voices, listing all the reasons against starting up your business:  it's too risky, too costly, too worrisome, all consuming.  You've heard that roughly 30% of all new ventures fail within the first two years of existence.  Perhaps you don't feel equipped to take on such a challenge alone....

You don't have to, nor should you!  There is a proven pathway and expert guidance available to you right now.

I began meeting with Free Spirit Consulting just a couple of months ago and already have a clearer vision for the future of my business. As a small business owner, at times it is difficult to see the forest for the trees. Helen is excellent at breaking through that mindset and approaching business in palatable, manageable chunks, all the while accomplishing large tasks. I have been given tools and processes by Free Spirit Consulting that will continue to be utilized in my business for years to come.
— Bryan W

Regain control, increase profits, reduce stress, gain time and energy, and thrive.

How To

Many business owners have problems and are in pain, have no-one to talk with, have a business that has become their nightmare, and have opportunities but are frustrated by not being able to seize them.

Their business faces significant issues in profitability, revenues, cash flow, personnel turnover, and so on.

The owner and key leadership is consumed and losing ground against the constant struggle of coping with the issues, is highly stressed, and doesn't see how it can solve the problem(s) with solely its internal resources.

Free Spirit Consulting (FSC) offers a life line to such businesses.

Working with Free Spirit Consulting is like having a secret weapon in your small business arsenal; a perfect mix of “listening ear that lets me dream” and “organized partner who gives me clear direction.”  I attacked three large areas of my business and made tangible change that directly affected the bottom line.  I’m so excited to see what this next year brings with Free Spirit Consulting in my corner!
— Jessica G

Get the most from your business through astute transition and contingency planning.

FSC Exit Strategy

Is it time to hand off the reigns of running your business and fly off into the proverbial sunset?  Have you thought about when you want to leave your business, how much money you want from the business at that time and who you want to leave the business to?

What if a key employee leaves your business, your service level suffers a significant setback, or a strong new competitor’s product takes half of your customers away?

If you don’t have a well defined and executed transition (or exit) and contingency plan, you are at risk of your business not surviving your departure or leaving money (business and personal value) on the table for others to cash in on.  Experience has shown that the earlier a business owner develops this aspect of business planning in his / her overall business strategy the better.   Unforeseen, unplanned for circumstances all too often overwhelm  a perfectly good business.

Free Spirit Consulting (FSC) works with the business owner so there is a clear vision and grasp of his or her specific contingency or transition (exit) plan. Armed with this plan the owner then makes decisions and evolves the business in alignment with it so there is a substantially higher likelihood of crossing the finish line successfully, extracting higher business value and personal satisfaction along the way.

Over 25 years of successfully helping businesses and individuals to thrive.

FSC Business Coaching

Much like an athlete commonly hires a coach to help her / him to excel faster and further, the same can be true for business professionals.  A good business coach will help you see what you're missing, identify your blindspots, help develop a playbook for success, hold you accountable, and help you grow.  The coach is trained to help the business professional to grow and thrive.

Free Spirit Consulting (FSC) and its network of experience rich and talented resources is armed with in-depth experience in all facets of business operations and entrepreneurial ventures.  As a trusted advisor, FSC offers custom tailored one-on-one  training and coaching to help individuals and businesses to break down barriers and thrive.

Helen has the gift of business acumen and the type of kindness that delivers the right results. She’s honest in a way that can steer an entire department in the right direction. She will deal with an underperformer and talk about the difficult truths with what ever level can benefit from them. Her character is highly effective, and a refreshing contribution in high performing business environments.
— Sammie L

Unconditional service guarantee: 100% satisfaction, or at your option, an immediate, hastle-free refund or service credit.

Free Spirit Consulting has a proven track record of helping businesses and people to thrive. Our customers count on us as a trusted advisor in their business and professional endeavors.

We stand ready to earn your trust and offer an unconditional service guarantee: 100% satisfaction or an immediate hassle-free refund.

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