Here is a look at some of our recently finished projects, to give you some insight into how we’ve helped businesses and entrepreneurs like you to unleash their potential and thrive! These Recent Projects are just a peek into how we customize our services to work collaboratively with every client.

Business Stabilization and Growth

Mentored a business owner to put in place a tracking system to routinely measure and monitor business performance.  Thoroughly examined revenues and expense in order to take identity actions to significantly improving profitability.  Reviewed an evolving business process and execution system so that the team could confidently manage all projects and commitments in the small business service industry.

Business Financing and Growth

Identified and capitalized on opportunities to strengthen a retailer’s business structure, financing and physical location so the business owner could confidently take on the next phase of anticipated significant growth.

Business in Transition Planning

Developed a comprehensive execution plan so a retail business that was once successfully serving its customers through a product / service offering delivered through a traditional brick-and-mortar approach could evolve to a more current virtual / on-line presence.

Business Coach

Mentored a sole proprietor owner (construction) so he could stabilize cash flow and increase profits, solve recurring problems and drive accountability / follow through on needed action steps.

Stabilization Plans and Actions

Facilitated a dialogue between an Executive Director and his Board (non-profit) to gain consensus on actions that need to be taken to stem cash flow issues and gain commitment to a viable strategic pathway.

Employee Skill Development and Application

Developed and delivered a customized workshop on presentation and feedback skills so the business CEO and key leadership in this financially based business is positioned to confidently deliver board presentations, ‘elevator pitches’ to potential customers and tactfully, skillfully deliver and receive peer-to-peer or employee-to-leader feedback.

Sales & Operations Planning

Mentored a senior leader of a large sized corporation, with focus on reviewing and systematically enhancing business planning processes and results delivery. Created effective roadmaps for long-term sustainability.

Enable Preparations for Successful Litigation

Assisted a mid sized corporation in preparations for complex legal cases. Set up a comprehensive database, extracting from it usable information to help formulate legal strategy and provide supporting evidence.

Project Management 101 Training

Delivered project management foundational training to a team of nurses in order to strengthen their ability to roll out a series of upcoming wellness program initiatives.

Business Financing and Growth

Provided a financing vehicle so that the business owner (restaurant owner) could expand his offering through an augmenting, more current and more profitable sales channel.

New Employee Onboarding

Created and delivered a new employee onboarding program for a market facing team of 90 employees (including marketing, sales, customer service, product management, operations management and business management personnel). Attained a 100% success rate in employee retention, job performance and job satisfaction.

Growth Plans

Helped a business owner (health & fitness) evaluate whether and how to expand her business.  Emphasis was on market facing dynamics, competitive analysis,  customer needs analysis, complimentary service and product offerings and risk mitigation.