Business not all it was cracked up to be?

How To

“It’s not nearly as much fun as when I first started this business. To be honest, it’s painful, draining, worrisome and all consuming.  Not sure I have it in me to keep this going …”

“Why do I struggle to pay the bills or myself when I have good cash flow?”

“We seem to have plateaued and need to find a way to propel ourselves to grow successfully.”

Many business owners have problems and are in pain, have no-one to talk with, have a business that has become their nightmare and have opportunities but are frustrated by not being able to seize them. Their businesses faces significant issues in profitability, revenues, cash flow, personnel turnover and so on. The owner and key leadership is consumed and losing ground against the constant struggle of coping with the issues, is highly stressed and doesn’t see how it can solve the problem(s) with solely its internal resources.

Free Spirit Consulting (FSC) offers a life line to such businesses. From its experienced independent viewpoint, FSC diagnoses the business, develops and puts in motion a plan of action together with the business owner (and key leadership).  In effect, FSC augments and / or guides existing skills sets, time and resources so the business quickly gets out of the proverbial death spiral.  How would you like to regain control over your business, grow profits, reduce stress and re-energize the team?   Let’s get that sparkle in your eyes and confident strut in your step back!