Need An Exit Strategy or ‘What If’ Plan?

FSC Exit Strategy

Is it time to hand off the reigns of running your business and fly off into the proverbial sunset?  Have you thought about when you want to leave your business, how much money you want from the business at that time and who you want to leave the business to?

What if a key employee leaves your business, your service level suffers a significant setback, or a strong new competitor’s product takes half of your customers away?

If you don’t have a well defined and executed transition (or exit) and contingency plan, you are at risk of your business not surviving your departure or leaving money (business and personal value) on the table for others to cash in on.  Experience has shown that the earlier a business owner develops this aspect of business planning in his / her overall business strategy the better.   Unforeseen, unplanned for circumstances all too often overwhelm  a perfectly good business.

Free Spirit Consulting (FSC) works with the business owner so there is a clear vision and grasp of his or her specific contingency or transition (exit) plan. Armed with this plan the owner then makes decisions and evolves the business in alignment with it so there is a substantially higher likelihood of crossing the finish line successfully, extracting higher business value and personal satisfaction along the way.