Startup Challenges?

FSC Startup Challenges

You have a GREAT business idea.  The thought of starting your own business is alluring and exciting:  being in charge, involved in all aspects of the company’s operation, able to put a personal touch on business, master of your own time, having a sense of accomplishment…  But there are nagging voices listing all the reasons against starting up your business:  it’s too risky, too costly, too worrisome, all consuming.  You’ve heard that roughly 30% of all new ventures fail within the first two years of existence.  Perhaps you don’t feel equipped to take on such a challenge alone….

You don’t have to, nor should you!  There is a proven pathway and expert guidance available right now to enable you to make that business idea become a flourishing reality.  Free Spirt Consulting (FSC) will coach / work with you to develop a business plan and operations blueprint. You will be guided on effectively executing the plan, monitoring progress, adjusting and holding the team accountable to take action.  Working with FSC has proven to benefit business startups by shortening the time needed to effectively launch the business, lowering the potential risk of business failure and guiding the budding business to faster / greater profitability.