Hear what our happy clients have to say about Helen Kissick and Free Spirit Consulting!

A secret weapon in your small business arsenal

Working with Free Spirit Consulting is like having a secret weapon in your small business arsenal; a perfect mix of “listening ear that lets me dream” and “organized partner who gives me clear direction.”  I attacked three large areas of my business and made tangible change that directly affected the bottom line.  I’m so excited to see what this next year brings with Free Spirit Consulting in my corner!
— Jessica G

Valuable strategic guidance and insight

Helen served on my Board of Directors of a business incubator, and provided valuable strategic guidance and insight. I consistently relied on her ability to strategically see the big picture and vision of what we were trying to do.  She also has an uncanny ability to understand the details in executing an effective plan. Most importantly, she always had a focus on how the Board’s decisions impacted our staff, and made sure we had the resources to be successful.
— Graham C

Highly effective

Helen has the gift of business acumen and the type of kindness that delivers the right results. She’s honest in a way that can steer an entire department in the right direction. She will deal with an underperformer and talk about the difficult truths with what ever level can benefit from them. Her character is highly effective, and a refreshing contribution in high performing business environments.
— Sammie L

Insight, guidance and coaching

We embarked on a project to review and improve the effectiveness of our Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) processes. We engaged Helen, looking to leverage on her years of experience to accelerate our redesign. Over the course of the last 9 months, Helen has aided us throughout the process providing insight, guidance and coaching to leadership, the project team and members of the broader S&OP Team. We are in the midst of implementation, with the results and feedback on the improvements and enhancements to our systems and process being very positive from all of our stakeholders. We now have a World Class S&OP process, of which Helen was a significant contributor. Helen continues to serve as a coach and mentor to our team.
— Charles M

Passionate, knowledgeable and results driven

Helen is a passionate, knowledgeable and results driven professional.  Her knowledge, strategic vision, execution and dedication to the organization with her strong influencing abilities have made it a pleasure and honor to work with her. Helen is one of the few people I have met in my career who is able to be direct, no nonsense individual while maintaining strong relationships with all involved. I would love to have the opportunity to work with her again in the future!
— Art T

A clearer vision for the future of my business.

I began meeting with Free Spirit Consulting just a couple of months ago and already have a clearer vision for the future of my business. As a small business owner, at times it is difficult to see the forest for the trees. Helen is excellent at breaking through that mindset and approaching business in palatable, manageable chunks, all the while accomplishing large tasks. I have been given tools and processes by Free Spirit Consulting that will continue to be utilized in my business for years to come.
— Bryan W

The quintessential project lead

Our team recently worked with Helen on a learning project, and she was a terrific partner! She did a great job managing the details of the project while providing insightful strategic oversight. With a positive, pragmatic perspective, Helen was the quintessential project lead.
— Rhonda A

Highly regarded by peers and leadership

Helen exemplifies true professionalism and is highly regarded by peers and leadership. She has an amazing ability to collaborate with individuals to produce results.
— Kimberly Z

Exceptional organizational and leadership abilities

As Chairperson for the Board of Trustees for our College, Helen has demonstrated exceptional organizational and leadership abilities. She is always thoroughly prepared, asks highly relevant questions, and actively encourages all members of the Board to fully participate in Board deliberations. As President of the College, I deeply appreciate her leadership and counsel.
— Victor L